• 1989   B.Sc. Degree in Mathematics,
             Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
• 1991   Ms.Sc. Applied Mathematics,
    Department of Applied Mathematics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
     • 1995  Ph.D. in Mathematics,
                  Departament of Mathematical Analysis, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

• 1989–1993      Teaching Assistant.
        Universidad Complutense de Madrid
• 1993 (feb-sep) Visiting Scholar.
                        Departament of Applied Mathematics.
        Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
• 1993–1998      Assistant Professor.
        Departament of Economic Analysis,
        Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
• 1996 (abr-jul)   Visiting Scholar.
                           Mathematical Institute,
        University of St Andrews (Escocia, Reino Unido).
• 1996 (jul-dic)    Visiting Scholar.
                           Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications.
                  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
        University College London. (Reino Unido).
• 1998–2000      Assistant Professor.
        Departament of Economic Analysis,
        Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
• 1999 (ene)       Visiting Scholar.
                           Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences.
        Cambridge University (Reino Unido).
• 2000–act          Associate Professor. 
        Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

· 1989-act     Faculty of Economics. Universidad Complutense.
            Introduction to the mathematics of economics (1º). Linear Algebra (1º).   Calculus (1º). Mathematical Programming (2º). Dynamical Systems (2º). Dynamical Optimization (3º). Game Theory (3º).
       ·  1992-1995  Ms. Sc. Public Economics. Instituto de Estudios Fiscales.
            Mathematical methods in economics .
       ·   1997-2000  Ph.D. Program.
                          Departament of Economic Analysis. Universidad Complutense.
            Nonlinear time series analysis. Economic Dynamics.
Funded research projects

·   1992–1994  "Detection of deterministic chaos in sea wave height".
 Proyecto Artículo 11 L.R.U.
 Ente Público Puertos de España (M.O.P.T.)
·   1996-1998,  "Non-linear time series analysis. Application to finantial markets".
 Proyecto CYCIT, DGES PS95-0193.
·   1998-2000    "Analysis of spatial correlations in time series".
 Proyecto CYCIT, DGES PB97-0301.
·    2000-2003    "Separation of deterministic components in time series".
 Dirección General de Investigación, BX2000-0639
·    2000-2003    "Fractal modelling and testing of soil hydraulic
pedotransfer functions in order to quantify degradation of soils at the southern region of Madrid"
 Proyecto C.A.M.
·   2000-2003    "Fractal parametrization  and modelling to quantify soil quality and
 to simulate soil degradation processes
 Dirección General de Investigación, REN2000–1542.
·   2003-2006    "Dynamics and geometry of stochastic equilibria".
 Dirección General de Investigación, BFM2003-08204.
·   2004-2007    "Fractal analysis and modelling of soil-water interaction. Application to the quantitative characterization of illuviation processes and their impact".
 Dirección General de Investigación, AGL2004-04079/AGR.
·    2006-2009    "Nonlinear stochastic equilibria: economic and environmental applications".
 Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, MTM2006-02372.  
·   2007-2010    "Porous structure, hydraulic properties and pollutant transport in structured soils: parametrization, modelling and simulation using fractal techiniques and related methods."
 Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, AGL2007-62648. 
·   2009-2012    "Stochastic calculus with applications to Social Sciences".
 Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, MTM2009-12672.

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