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Our team has extensive experience of working together, having chained many research projects, three of them are international projects, and six of them funded by the Ministry of Education and Science since 1992.


Current Research Project:


TITLE OF THE PROJECT: Stochastic Bioeconomic and Population Dynamics Modeling of Collapsed Fisheries (021-ABEL-CM-2013).


NILS Science and Sustainability aims at improving and deepening academic and research collaboration among Spain on the one side and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein on the other, by fostering scientific research on strategic fields for Human WellBeing and Earth Sustainability. Within this frame, it promotes interinstitutional mobility projects for scientific teams of the involved countries, in order to carry out joint research. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) is the Programme Operator of the Programme NILS Science and Sustainability, ES07, funded within the frame of the 2009-2014 Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.

Our research team has obtained a NILS project in collaboration with the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) (Bergen), as described below.



We propose a multidisciplinary project in mathematical bioeconomic